Wolt Customer Service – How to Contact?

Wolt is a popular online food ordering and delivery platform, operating in 25 countries.

Wolt delivery drivers use various modes of transportation, including electric and regular bicycles, electric scooters, motorcycles, and more.

Wolt was launched in Finland in 2014 and has been owned by DoorDash since 2022.

How to Contact Wolt Customer Service?

Wolt’s customer service is a available through a number of contact channels, including chat and email.

Wolt Customer Service – Phone

Wolt customer service is currently not available by phone.

Wolt Customer Service – Chat

  1. Log in to the Wolt app / the website wolt.com.
  2. Click on “Profile” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click “Customer support”.
  4. Start chatting with Wolt support.
wolt customer support

Wolt Support – Email

The email addresses for contacting Wolt’s customer service are:

Wolt’s customer service via email is considered fast and efficient.

Wolt – Social Media

Wolt – Headquarters Address

Wolt corporate office address:

Wolt Enterprises Oy
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki

Wolt Customer Service – Q&A

What are the best ways to contact Wolt customer service?

The most efficient and fastest ways to contact Wolt customer service are via email or chat.

What is Wolt customer service phone number?

Wolt customer service is not available currently by phone.

What can be done if Wolt customer service does not answer?

In case that Wolt’s customer service is not responsive enough, it is recommended to contact them again by email or chat.

What are Wolt’s customer service operating hours?

Wolt’s customer service operates based on the opening hours of the restaurants that use the service.

How can I track an order on Wolt?

Customers can track the status of their orders on Wolt’s mobile app and website.

Can I get a receipt by email?

Yes, users can request receipts for their orders via email in the Wolt app. Go to “Account settings” and click “Send me a receipt by e-mail”.

What do you do if a Wolt delivery is late?

Wolt delivery may sometimes be delayed. The most common reasons for delivery delays are restaurant congestion or road congestion.

While the Wolt app provides an estimated time for the courier’s arrival, it’s important to note that this is not always accurate.

What do you do if some of the items in the order are missing or incorrect?

If you did not receive a certain item in your order, or received the wrong item, contact Wolt customer service via chat or email.

Is it customary to tip a Wolt courier? And how can you give a tip?

You can tip a Wolt courier through the Wolt app when placing the order, or in cash when receiving the delivery.

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