Send a WhatsApp Message to Any Number Online

send whatsapp message to any phone

Want to send a message on WhatsApp but don’t want to add the number as a contact? Use the form on this page to send WhatsApp messages to any number quickly and easily. Important: Ensure you write the full phone number, including the relevant country code, without any spaces or hyphens (-). For example: 442035555555. … Read more

Essential Customer Service Metrics You Should Measure

Essential Customer Service Metrics

Customer service is a detailed activity with tons to measure. There are several calls, chat times, result rates to interpret to improve your customer service operations. Since it’s much simpler to record, calculate, and decipher quantitative data, we can create measured conclusions that increase productivity and all-around customer service experience. All this data comes with … Read more

Best Customer Self-Service Software – Free and Paid (2023)

customer service best self service software

A satisfied customer can eventually turn into a loyal customer. Hence, the customer’s emotional experience during an interaction is essential for any company to thrive. The critical factor in shaping a customer’s experience is quick response time, and it is improbable for humans to be available 24/7. Hence, there is customer self-service software that can … Read more

Best Live Chat Software for Customer Service (2023)

chat support tools

Live chat is just like a messenger and is an essential tool for businesses these days. Its real-time automation allows inquiries from customers and answers them in no time, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. In the digital era, live chat software reduces the costs of customer service and generates better results. Customers View From the … Read more

Best Support Ticketing Tools and Help Desk Software for Customer Service

customer service ticket software

As organizations expand, they often struggle to keep their processes coherent and effective. One of the methods to achieve this is by using the right software for every process type, including customer service processes. Help desk ticketing software systems establish coordination and management in businesses for service providers and customers. They generate tickets and create … Read more

Customer Service Knowledge Base: What is It?

knowledge base

In the modern world, customers have access to more information than ever. Yet, sometimes people don’t want to trawl through Google looking for a fix, nor do they want to spend hours on the end of a customer service helpline. They want an easy to access knowledge base where the answers are stored and ready … Read more

10 Best Chatbots for Customer Service

best customer service chatbots

Chatbots have revolutionized customer support in recent years by introducing the benefits of artificial intelligence and automation.  Most customers have met chatbots while visiting websites of large companies and trying to contact customer support through live chat. You would expect to chat with a flesh-and-blood person from the service office, but a pre-set bot does … Read more