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Customer Service Guides

companies with great customer service

Examples of Companies That Provide Excellent Customer Service

When establishing a reputable business, everything asks for attention. Within that flood, prioritizing customer service should be the primary goal ...
phone customer service

How to Provide Good Customer Service Over the Phone?

Being able to provide remote assistance can certainly have many financial advantages, but it can also be quite challenging. Providing ...
hotels customer service ideas

Creative Customer Service Ideas for Hotels Managers

Customer service has always been in the center of hotels management, and these days it has become an experts game ...
Customer Service Channels

The Most Effective Channels for Customer Service

Customer service is more important than ever, with the modern-day customer expecting to be able to have their queries answered ...
best websites customer service

The Best Sites and Online Resources on Customer Service

There is an infinite number of useful websites and resources about the world of customer service. These resources include specialized ...
customer service rep skills

Skills of a Great Customer Service Representative

Customer service is a unique practice, that requires a versatile skills set. In this list you will find the main ...
customer service job interview

How to Find a Job in Customer Service

Customer service jobs are on high demand, offering different career paths and opportunities. We have compiled here a short guide ...
tips for getting better customer service

8 Tips For Getting Better Customer Service

Getting useful customer service can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating. Here are 8 tips for getting better and faster customer ...

Customer Service Tools

customer service best self service software

Best Customer Self-Service Software – Free and Paid (2023)

A satisfied customer can eventually turn into a loyal customer. Hence, the customer's emotional experience during an interaction is essential ...
best customer service chatbots

10 Best Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots have revolutionized customer support in recent years by introducing the benefits of artificial intelligence and automation. Most customers have ...
send whatsapp message to any phone

Send a WhatsApp Message to Any Number Online

Want to send a message on WhatsApp but don't want to add the number as a contact? Use the form ...
customer service ticket software

Best Support Ticketing Tools and Help Desk Software for Customer Service

As organizations expand, they often struggle to keep their processes coherent and effective. One of the methods to achieve this ...
knowledge base

Customer Service Knowledge Base: What is It?

In the modern world, customers have access to more information than ever. Yet, sometimes people don’t want to trawl through ...
chat support tools

Best Live Chat Software for Customer Service (2023)

Live chat is just like a messenger and is an essential tool for businesses these days. Its real-time automation allows ...
Essential Customer Service Metrics

Essential Customer Service Metrics You Should Measure

Customer service is a detailed activity with tons to measure. There are several calls, chat times, result rates to interpret ...