The Most Effective Channels for Customer Service

Customer Service Channels

Customer service is more important than ever, with the modern-day customer expecting to be able to have their queries answered rapidly and efficiently. Therefore, ensuring you have reliable and effective channels of communication can help separate you from your competitors. Gone are the days of letters and fax machines. With the advent of the internet, … Read more

The 5 Steps of Customer Service

steps of customer service

For many people, customer service can be a deal-breaker when deciding whether to stick with a company or jump ship and go elsewhere. Yet, many companies treat customer service as a negligible add-on that customers should be grateful to receive at all. However, some of the best and most successful companies treat customer service as … Read more

Customer Service Knowledge Base: What is It?

knowledge base

In the modern world, customers have access to more information than ever. Yet, sometimes people don’t want to trawl through Google looking for a fix, nor do they want to spend hours on the end of a customer service helpline. They want an easy to access knowledge base where the answers are stored and ready … Read more

Common Customer Service Problems and How to Solve Them

customer service problems

In the current age of commerce, customer service has never been more essential. After years of poor customer service, companies have finally gotten wise to the asset excellent customer service can be. It can retain customers, increase loyalty and even attract new consumers to your products, by word of mouth. But equally, bad customer service … Read more

A Short Guide to Social Media Customer Service

social media

Long ago, back in the mists of time, customer service revolved around the phone, or for the prehistoric amongst us: the post. Today, the world moves at a faster pace, in part due to the range of communication channels at our fingertips. As such, the modern customer isn’t content to wait days or weeks to … Read more

How Do I Get a Refund from Upwork?

UpWork Logo

Upwork is an incredible service for connecting freelancers, independent professionals and agencies together in a range of fields from writing to sales & marketing. Unfortunately, sometimes the work you receive is not to the standard you expected. Regardless of the scope of work, whether it be a complex project; a long-term contract; or a short, … Read more

How Do I Get a Refund from Fiverr?

fiverr logo

Fiverr is a fantastic service that connects you with sellers around the world, each offering their talents and services for a reasonable price. However, as with all marketplaces, some sellers are sub-standard, either in their customer service or their quality of work. If this is the case, you may want to request a refund. Resolution … Read more

How Do I Contact Lemonade Insurance?

lemonade insurance logo

Lemonade insurance has been a revolution in the insurance industry, providing an extraordinary quality of expertise and customer service. They have demonstrated this through their high ratings from customers, and the speed of claim payment – 30% are paid in seconds. However, issues can still arise from time to time; as such, it is essential … Read more

How Do I Contact Wix Directly?

Wix Logo

Through Wix, millions of users have created stunning websites, demonstrating creativity and design, as well as promoting their web presence. However, even the most adept developers may need to contact Wix either for support or to resolve a separate issue. Wix Help Center For any problems you may have with Wix, the central hub for … Read more

How Do I Contact Zoom Support?

zoom Logo

Zoom has proven increasingly popular throughout 2020, with many utilizing the service for work or when connecting with friends and loved ones. While the service is incredibly useful, with more people relying on it as a primary means of communication, it is essential to know how to contact Zoom support. They will be able to … Read more