The 5 Steps of Customer Service

For many people, customer service can be a deal-breaker when deciding whether to stick with a company or jump ship and go elsewhere.

Yet, many companies treat customer service as a negligible add-on that customers should be grateful to receive at all.

However, some of the best and most successful companies treat customer service as a vital asset that allows them to add value to their product.

You will help secure customers for life and attract new ones through word-of-mouth.

It is well worth the investment. That’s why we’ve compiled five steps you need to follow to offer the best customer service.

1. Be Easy to Reach

First and foremost, your customer should be able to get in touch with your customer service team quickly.

Nothing will put off a paying customer quicker than having to search high and low for your contact details. Plus, with modern technology, this should never be an issue.

Have multiple channels by which a customer can get in touch: email, phone, text, mail.

Many services are even embracing social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, boosting your online presence and showcasing your diligence to other future customers.

Such transparency builds trust, and trust equals loyalty.

2. Train. Train. Train

While many services can rely on scripts and other formalized means of delivering customer service, people like to speak to people.

If they wanted a machine, they would have dealt with one.

Your customer service personnel should be fully equipped with the knowledge of your products or service, and be aware of the solutions they have available.

Additionally, allowing them to show a little personality – albeit in a professional manner – can create the human touch, helping your company stand out from the crowd.

If a member of the team struggles with this, investing in soft skills training, such as call control, rapport and conflict resolution, can go a long way.

3. Admit Mistakes and Apologise

Nothing is more frustrating or off-putting than a company that refuses to admit their mistakes.

Customers understand that sometimes errors occur. It’s annoying, sure, but an empathetic and diligent customer service team can turn around a negative into a positive.

By understanding a customer’s frustration, apologizing for the mistakes and fixing the error customers can be left satisfied with your proactive approach.

4. Put the Customer First

Such statements should, naturally, go without saying. But putting customers first requires getting to know their wants and needs.

It involves tailoring your service to each customer, having systems to remember names and prior conversations, in this same way as a local doctor.

People don’t want to repeat their story every time. If you remember, most people will be pleasantly surprised and even impressed.

5. Go Above and Beyond

Don’t just aim for average customer service. Be the best.

By going above and beyond, your customers will shout your name from the rooftops.

Remember, a loyal customer can be for life. They’re the lifeblood of any business.

As one survey demonstrated, eighty-six percent of US adults are willing to pay extra for better customer service. So, always remember, it’s not a cost; it’s an asset.

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