Best Live Chat Software for Customer Service (2023)

Live chat is just like a messenger and is an essential tool for businesses these days. Its real-time automation allows inquiries from customers and answers them in no time, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. In the digital era, live chat software reduces the costs of customer service and generates better results.

Customers View

From the customer’s point of view, useful live chat is a time-saver. They get answers to queries immediately. According to a study by Forrester, 41% of customers anticipate live chat on websites. Live chats improve the end-to-end experience for the customers and service provider. Moreover, it gives them the confidence to build a rapport with the service provider.

Providers View

For providers, live chat is more considerable in the outcome. Not only customer satisfaction, but it also helps them retain customers and grow sales with better ROI. Furthermore, unlike personalized phone calls and emails, it reduces the operational costs as one agent can cater to 3-5 people at a time. Live chats increase the accuracy of instant feedback.

Live Chat Software

Here are some of the best live chat software that perform well in 2021:


Bitrix24 is one of the highest-rated live chat software. It effectively performs its functions with all content management systems (CMS). Bitrix24 offers free and inexpensive user plans, allowing 12 agents at a time to communicate. It’s not restricted to live chat box only, but it can be linked with other social networking platforms as well. It processes and automates the saved information for future marketing campaigns.


Their efficient, customizable templates are refined to perfection for customer support services. It can provide 24/7 continuous support with problem-solving interactive visuals and forms, including buttons and videos. It saves time because the provider can automate it with FAQ answers and focus on more essential queries. It also offers its services in a multilingual interface and, this way, adds value to global businesses.


Chatra is an easy to use customer support service. It has built-in templates and two modes, online and offline. It helps the provider greet the customers on landing and checkout pages with automated messages. It also allows customers with a customized pop-up message, making it a hassle-free experience to get their queries addressed. Furthermore, it assists on the checkout pages.


Chaport offers typing insights, visitor info, and a multilingual chat widget. Using API, it can be integrated into 2,000+ apps and websites. It allows the provider to send automated replies to FAQs and send auto-invitations for related links. Chaport answers incoming queries of connected apps and websites in real-time from one chat-widget. It generates a report about new, returning, and missed customers.


Drift offers a modern buying experience using AI. Automated templates provide greater satisfaction to the customers and allow the agent to create an efficient workflow. Drift AI bots engage 24/7 with customers. It offers Revenue Acceleration, which turns customers’ interests into conversions and achieves higher revenues. It has an engaging interface that builds rapport between customers and service providers.


Engagebay is an all-in-one tool. From automation to workflows, Engagebay performs all tasks efficiently. It offers a user-friendly interface of live chat, which allows customers to direct their queries immediately. Flowcharts can be customized with added options and buttons. Engagebay is one of the most affordable customer relationship management services (CRM) and is bound to attract more attention this year.


Freshchat is equipped with automated bots and AI. It allows the user to make flowcharts and engage with customers instantly. It can be connected to other messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp and saves customers’ data, allowing it to be used for future campaigns. It has a unique feature of Intelli Assign, which helps the system assign a query to a particular expert agent based on their skillset.


Intercom is an American software company that also offers live chat software. Users can personalize bot chats and engage the customer with interactive messages using its modern interface. Gifs, emojis, and typing indicators help make the experience more comfortable for the customer. It has a superfast reply time, and it works on the principle of customer support, engagement, and marketing.


LiveChat is the most widely used and recommended live chat software. As the name explains, there’s always a human agent addressing the inquiries live with balanced AI automation. Moreover, customers are assured they’re talking to a person and not a bot, thus solving the inquiry real-quick. It has customizable templates and flowcharts, and

customers are greeted at the landing and checkout pages. Depending upon the customer’s question, it automatically creates a lead to the concerned support team. You can integrate LiveChat with other chat boxes, allowing you to improve customer communication and satisfaction.


Olark is best for small start-ups. It allows the provider to engage with customers in real-time with multiple integrations, organizing customer data, and generating live chat insights. It can also create pre-text forms, automated suggestions, and offers. With its offline mode, you can chat with the customer via email at a suitable time. It keeps track of customer activity and archives transcripts.


Userlike is a unique live chat that merges website messaging with mobile messaging in one hub. Userlike automation has made customer communication effortless by creating leads from conversations and redirecting them to the concerned authority for further assistance. Its dashboard allows the manager to track the activity and interaction of agents. UserLike offers a voice message option, making it unique amongst other software.

Final Thoughts

As described above, live chat plays a vital role in businesses today. It converts customer’s inquiries into sales and increases ROIs and helps cut down expenses by eliminating phone calls and emails. Additionally, it identifies the issues faced by customers and helps in building a rapport with customer satisfaction. Whether these are CRMs, eCommerce, or managerial tasks, live chat software can simplify it.

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