Best Support Ticketing Tools and Help Desk Software for Customer Service

As organizations expand, they often struggle to keep their processes coherent and effective.

One of the methods to achieve this is by using the right software for every process type, including customer service processes.

Help desk ticketing software systems establish coordination and management in businesses for service providers and customers. They generate tickets and create leads for the concerned staff team to respond to the queries of customers, gather questions that are filed across omnichannel and streamline them to a single hub.

An ideal help desk system should have workflow automation for efficient solutions. It should also have consistent omnichannel support, prompt ticket-assignment, reporting, and analysis, which can help create a knowledge base easing workflow for customers and providers.

It’s reported that 40% of customers prefer knowledge base solutions from self-service over direct support from agents.

Top-Rated Help Desk Software

There are many help desk software available, but a few stand out in the crowd. Here are the best ones based on the user interface, useability, integrations, features, and functionality.


Cometchat is a simple chat API help desk software that can be integrated with 92+ channels. It has built-in and customizable features of moderation and administration. Its unique features include software as a Services (SaaS) and cloud service, thus offering services without distortions.

Additionally, you can also use text, voice, and video chat. Cometchat is commonly used in eCommerce, eLearning, healthcare, and the gaming industry.


Engagebay is an all-in-one system feature-rich for small businesses due to its user-friendly interface and simplified interaction management. With the highest-rated integration APIs and access management, it keeps track of the inquiries and their status.

Engagebay has 3 types of help desks; social, global, and multi-channel. It has complete CRM, which automates most of the inflow. Ease of setup and use brings it to this list.


Freshdesk is a customer support software that has simplified interaction and ticketing. It offers SLA management, ticket field suggestion, scenario automation, and canned responses. It has made conversions easier, collaborations stronger, and insights more accessible.

Freshdesk has omnichannel support and a sufficient knowledge base that allows customers self-service. It ensures regulatory-compliance, security, and protection of data.


HappyFox is among one of the best help desk software. It’s easier to set up and has a manageable interface, and supports social media integrations. It offers straightforward and useful ticket management.

Regular tickets are dealt with the knowledge base to save time, and it offers self-service. Its prime features include canned responses, bulk actions, real-time reporting, and document storage. HappyFox has SLA management and workflow configuration.

Jitbit Help Desk

Jitbit provides valuable support to customers. It specializes in the email ticketing system. It’s easy to set up, use, and integrate with 500+ other channels.

Jitbit has highly automated customer support for repetitive queries. For critical issues, it creates a ticket with a due-time. It has a SaaS and on-premise help desk service with outstanding canned responses, knowledge base, and team mailbox. It also helps with IT management services.


LiveAgent helps service providers with personalized customer interactions and has a high-speed ticket generation and management system. Its prime features include SLA management, self-service portal, knowledge base, reporting, and analytics.

LiveAgent also offers cloud and on-premise installation and is ideal for small-mid sized eCommerce organizations. Its functionality and ability to provide instant solutions enhance customer support management makes it a favorite amongst businesses.


OneDesk has a simple user interface and is ideal for a small to big-sized organization. Tickets are directly submitted to email where it is further assigned to the concerned support team.

OneDesk has automated and customizable workflows, self-service portals, a knowledge base, and integrations with multiple applications. It improves response time by offering SRM and SLA management. OneDesk is intuitive and easier to set up.

ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs is another utility-maximizing help desk that allows a smooth flow of work. The software integrates with other apps and uses automation to improve performance.

ProProfs also provides service providers with quick and accurate responses with an efficient chat and knowledge base. Multiple integrations are concentrated on a single hub. The software can keep track of all the queries and label them with due time. It can reduce ticket traffic by up to 80% due to self-service.

SolarWinds Service Help Desk

This help desk reduces the response time up to 48% due to the smart routing of tickets. Its AI-powered knowledge base allows the agent to reply to queries promptly.

The Service help desk also has automated workflows, integrated asset management, and a service portal. It’s a user-friendly IT service management solution ideal for all organizations having complex IT systems. Still, it lacks templated response and social media integration.


Zendesk is an award-winning customer support software. It’s easy to set up, integrate, and implement. It offers reporting and analytics for a better understanding of customer feedback.

Automated flows let the queries get through across all channels to a single point of contact, thus providing solutions efficiently. It’s recommended for small-sized organizations as it is easy to manage small teams that are initiating CRM because more extensive integration features are limited.

Zoho Desk

Zoho is a customer relation and support software. It has multiple omnichannel support capabilities, workflow automation, AI-powered self-service, insights, and impact of customer relations. It can be integrated into other apps for a quick response.

Zoho allows the provider to keep track of ticket-time and agent status. It has useful APIs to automate any custom-made applications inside the organization. It’s ideal for all types of organizations.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, help desks help delegate and prioritize tickets and tasks in an organization. They reduce response time, increase customer satisfaction, and simplify complex IT systems.

Help desks can cut down customer support costs because of their omnichannel support abilities and centralized response point. Therefore, opting for the ideal help desk can lighten the burden and increase productivity in any business.

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