What Does a Customer Support Manager Do?

Every business has critical personnel crucial to execute its daily operations, and one such personnel is a customer support manager, an executive of the customer service department.

The customer support manager governs customer support agents and reports to the general manager.

Furthermore, their role involves ensuring customers receive exceptional support, and their requirements are fulfilled.

It mainly revolves around communicating with customers via phone or face to face, leading the customer service agents, observing employees, and assisting unsatisfied customers.

Here’s what’s important to know about the role of a customer support manager:


While no specific degree is required for this job, there are some peculiarities which a candidate expects to display.

However, customer support managers are not born with particular qualities. These crucial qualities can be acquired and built upon through training.


Trainers provide trainees with the necessary knowledge and competence to improve customer service skills and customer satisfaction. You can effectively develop and fine-tune customer care skills.

Such courses can help those seeking promotion or building their customer service characteristics and behaviors.

Communication skills

Communication skills allow the manager to inform, advise customers, and link up with other professionals.

Good communication is required to ensure details for products and services are conveyed appropriately.

Problem-solving skills

Customer service officials should know how to direct the inquiries and problems to a particular team. They need to understand what the customer requires at the very moment.

Assisting them regarding that product makes the customer convinced. Moreover, a competent and qualified customer support manager comes up with solutions that satisfy both parties.

Leadership skills

One quality of a great support official is the ability to lead the team. This specific quality permits them to encourage team workers, deliver complete guidance, and support different situations.

They work to keep the morale of the employees high to help the department execute satisfactorily. Furthermore, a customer support manager has to recognize and reward the hard work success of the workers.

Good listening skills

A good customer support manager has to be a great listener too. By taking notice and listening to every side of the issue, the customer support manager can gather information to make an effective decision.

A good listener is generally competent at forming relationships with customers and moving suggestions from one person to another.


This challenging job requires tolerance and patience. The way customer support managers respond to frustrated customers will either make them satisfied or excite their anger.


A customer service team with an attentive ear will employ at a personal level adapted to a specific situation rather than a usual scripted response. This personalization and vigilance are required for customer care.

Surely a manager equipped with such qualities would easily craft a team, department with good customer service.

Core skills

Customer support managers must possess these core skills. Typically, a customer support  manager should be adept at the following:

  1. Use of Microsoft office
  2. Analyzation of data
  3. Understanding of customer service procedures.
  4. Insight of call center tracking systems.
  5. Working experience in a call center.

Responsibilities of a manager

A customer support manager has to deploy policies and set a clear goal. They have to oversee the department running efficiently.

A manager with a dependable service background would be aware of new advancements.

Some primary responsibilities typical to this job include:

Establishing customer support

The customer support manager is responsible for formulating procedures and strategies. To make sure customers receive invariant assistance, the team requires to be customer-centric.

Further, they ensure the staff understand policies and stick to them.

Employing and training workers

Hiring and training staff usually fall under the responsibility of the customer support manager.

They have to supervise the application reviewing, conduction of interviews, mentoring, and training to new employees.

Pacifying problems

The customer service manager plays a significant role in defusing situations with unsatisfied customers.

When customers cannot have their needs nicely met, the customer service manager attempts to appease the customer.

Good communication and mediation abilities are required to do so.

Evaluating metrics

Customer support managers analyze their support team to comprehend whether all faculty follow the executive’s best practices.

The metrics established should be evaluated to ensure the same criteria judge all employees.

Role of customer support manager

A customer support official plays a role in acting as a liaison between customers and companies.

The range of functions and typical job description apart from strategic and organizational decision making is mentioned below:

  • Enable the service team to provide a fantastic experience and doing so by keeping them answerable.
  • Measure and report to stakeholders regarding the customer service department’s accomplishments.
  • Transmit insights from customer data to marketing departments to proceed with growing the organization and deducting churn.
  • Continue to promote ways to enhance performance, potency, and efficiency based on metrics and customer response.
  • Figures out a way when a team cannot resolve problems.
  • Make sure the customer’s demands and expectations are fully met.
  • Plays a part in making it evident that workers stay on the path with business goals.
  • Work as a bridge between sales and customer success and ensure internal coordination works effectively.

Final Thoughts

Support managers are indeed the leaders of a customer support system. Exceptional management and communication skills help a support manager to understand and resolve the issues.

By accomplishing the mentioned objectives, a customer support manager can play a significant role in the company.

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