Online Check-In: Complete List of Check-In Links for Top Airlines

Checking in online before a flight is an essential step in the travel process that can save you time and hassle at the airport. By checking in online, you can avoid long lines at the check-in counter and have more time to relax before your flight. Additionally, checking in online can help you secure your preferred seat and ensure that your travel plans are confirmed.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step process for checking in online before your flight. We’ll cover the benefits of checking in online, the recommended time frame for doing so, the links for checking in with all the leading airlines, and what to do after you’ve checked in.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, this guide will help you navigate the online check-in process with ease. So, let’s get started!

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Why Should You Check In Online?

Online check in can save you time, hassle, and even money. The main benefiets of checking in online change from one airline to the other, but the common advantages are:

  1. Time-saving: Online check-in allows you to complete the check-in process from the comfort of your home or office, saving you time at the airport. You can avoid long queues at the check-in counter and head straight to security if you’re traveling with carry-on luggage only.
  2. Seat selection: With online check-in, you often have the opportunity to choose your preferred seat in advance, ensuring a more comfortable flight experience.
  3. Flexibility: Online check-in typically opens 24-48 hours before the flight, giving you the flexibility to check in at a convenient time, even if you have commitments up until your arrival at the airport.
  4. Boarding pass access: Once you’ve checked in online, you can usually access your boarding pass on your smartphone or print it out, reducing the risk of losing a physical boarding pass.
  5. Cost-effective: Some airlines charge a fee for checking in at the airport, so completing the process online can save you money.
  6. Faster security process: In some cases, checking in online can help you get through security faster, as you’ll already be accounted for as a checked-in passenger.

Overall, online check-in streamlines the pre-flight process, saves time and money, and allows for a more convenient and stress-free travel experience.

When to Check In Online?

online check in

The best time to check in online depends on your preferences and travel needs. Online check-in typically opens 24-48 hours before the scheduled departure time, and it remains open until a few hours before the flight.

If you want to secure a preferred seat, it’s a good idea to check in as soon as the online check-in window opens. This increases your chances of getting the seat you want, as seat availability tends to decrease closer to the departure time.

In addition, if you’re traveling with a group and want to ensure that everyone sits together, it’s best to check in early to secure adjacent seats.

If you require special assistance or have specific needs, such as traveling with a wheelchair or a service animal, checking in early can help ensure that the airline is aware of your requirements and can make the necessary arrangements.

How to Check In Online?

  1. Check the online check-in window: Most airlines allow online check-in 24-48 hours before the scheduled departure time. Make a note of when the check-in window opens for your flight.
  2. Visit the airline’s website or app: Go to the airline’s official website or download their mobile app. Look for the “Check-in” or “Manage Booking” option, usually found on the homepage or in the main menu.
  3. Enter your booking details: You’ll need to provide your booking reference number (also known as a reservation or confirmation number) and your last name. This information can be found on your booking confirmation email or e-ticket.
  4. Verify your itinerary: Once you’ve entered your booking details, your flight itinerary will be displayed. Double-check the flight details, such as departure and arrival times, to ensure everything is correct.
  5. Choose your seat: If the airline allows seat selection during online check-in, you’ll be presented with a seat map. Select your preferred seat(s) based on availability.
  6. Add any additional services: Some airlines offer the option to add extra services during online check-in, such as additional baggage allowance, priority boarding, or in-flight meals. Review these options and add any that you require.
  7. Provide passenger information: You may be asked to provide or confirm your passport details, emergency contact information, and any special assistance requests.
  8. Complete the check-in process: Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, confirm and complete the check-in process. You’ll receive a confirmation message or email, indicating that your check-in was successful.
  9. Obtain your boarding pass: After completing the online check-in, you can usually access your boarding pass on your smartphone or print it out. Some airlines also offer the option to send the boarding pass to your email or mobile device via SMS.
  10. Arrive at the airport: With online check-in completed, you can head straight to security if you’re traveling with carry-on luggage only. If you have checked luggage, proceed to the airline’s designated baggage drop-off area.

Online Check-In Links for All Major Airlines

Use the search box to quickly find your airline’s check-in link:

AirlineCheck In Link
Aegean AirlinesCheck in
Aer LingusCheck in
Aero MongoliaCheck in
Aero VIPCheck in
AeroflotCheck in
Aerolineas ArgentinasCheck in
AeromexicoCheck in
AeroregionalCheck in
Aerovias DAPCheck in
Air AlgerieCheck in
Air AlsieCheck in
Air ArabiaCheck in
Air AsiaCheck in
Air AstanaCheck in
Air AustralCheck in
Air BurkinaCheck in
Air CairoCheck in
Air CalinCheck in
Air CanadaCheck in
Air CaraibesCheck in
Air ChinaCheck in
Air Cote DIvoireCheck in
Air DolomitiCheck in
Air EuropaCheck in
Air FlamencoCheck in
Air FranceCheck in
Air GreenlandCheck in
Air IcelandCheck in
Air IndiaCheck in
Air India ExpressCheck in
Air MadagascarCheck in
Air MaltaCheck in
Air MediterraneanCheck in
Air MoldovaCheck in
Air MontenegroCheck in
Air NamibiaCheck in
Air New ZealandCheck in
Air NiuginiCheck in
Air NorthCheck in
Air NostrumCheck in
Air PeaceCheck in
Air SerbiaCheck in
Air SeychellesCheck in
Air SinaiCheck in
Air TahitiCheck in
Air ThanlwinCheck in
Air TransatCheck in
Air VanuatuCheck in
Air ZimbabweCheck in
Aircompany ArmeniaCheck in
AirConnectCheck in
AirlinkCheck in
Alaska AirlinesCheck in
Alaska SeaplanesCheck in
AlbastarCheck in
Alitalia ExpressCheck in
All-Nippon AirwaysCheck in
ALROSACheck in
Amaszonas UruguayCheck in
AmeliaCheck in
American AirlinesCheck in
ANA WingsCheck in
Andes Lineas AereasCheck in
Arkia AirlinesCheck in
Asiana AirlinesCheck in
Atlantic AirwaysCheck in
Atsa AirlinesCheck in
Aurora AirlinesCheck in
Austrian AirlinesCheck in
Avelo AirlinesCheck in
AviancaCheck in
Avianca ExpressCheck in
Azerbaijan AirlinesCheck in
Azores AirlinesCheck in
Bamboo AirwaysCheck in
Bangkok AirwaysCheck in
Batik AirCheck in
Belavia AirlinesCheck in
Blue Bird AirwaysCheck in
Blue Panorama AirlinesCheck in
Boliviana de AviacionCheck in
Boutique AirCheck in
Breeze AirwaysCheck in
British AirwaysCheck in
Brussels AirlinesCheck in
Camair-coCheck in
Cape AirCheck in
Capital AirlinesCheck in
Caribbean AirlinesCheck in
Cathay PacificCheck in
Cayman AirwaysCheck in
Cebu Pacific AirCheck in
Ceiba IntercontinentalCheck in
CemAirCheck in
Chalair AviationCheck in
Cham Wings AirlineCheck in
Chongqing AirlinesCheck in
CitilinkCheck in
CM AirlinesCheck in
Coastal AviationCheck in
CondorCheck in
Copa AirlinesCheck in
Corendon AirlinesCheck in
Corsair InternationalCheck in
Costa Rica Green AirwaysCheck in
Croatia AirlinesCheck in
Cubana de AviacionCheck in
Cyprus AirwaysCheck in
Czech AirlinesCheck in
Daallo AirlinesCheck in
Danish Air TransportCheck in
DeltaCheck in
Druk AirCheck in
Eastar JetCheck in
Eastern AirlinesCheck in
Eastern AirwaysCheck in
EasyJetCheck in
Edelweiss AirCheck in
EgyptairCheck in
El Al AirlinesCheck in
EmiratesCheck in
EquaflightCheck in
Ethiopian AirlinesCheck in
Etihad AirwaysCheck in
EurowingsCheck in
EVA AirCheck in
Federal ExpressCheck in
Fiji AirwaysCheck in
FinnairCheck in
FireflyCheck in
First AirCheck in
FlexflightCheck in
FlightlinkCheck in
Fly GangwonCheck in
FlyadealCheck in
FlyArystanCheck in
flyBairCheck in
FlyBigCheck in
FlydubaiCheck in
FlyOneCheck in
FlySafairCheck in
Freebird AirlinesCheck in
Freebird Airlines EuropeCheck in
French BeeCheck in
Frontier AirlinesCheck in
Garuda IndonesiaCheck in
Georgian AirwaysCheck in
German AirwaysCheck in
GermanwingsCheck in
Go FirstCheck in
GOL AirlinesCheck in
Gulf AirCheck in
Hahn AirCheck in
Hainan AirlinesCheck in
Harbour Air SeaplanesCheck in
Hawaiian AirlinesCheck in
Helvetic AirwaysCheck in
Hi Fly Check in
Himalaya AirlinesCheck in
Hinterland AviationCheck in
HiSkyCheck in
Hong Kong AirlinesCheck in
Hong Kong ExpressCheck in
Iberia ExpressCheck in
IndigoCheck in
IrAeroCheck in
ITA Airways Check in
Izhavia Check in
Japan AirlinesCheck in
Jet Asia AirwaysCheck in
JetBlueCheck in
JetClassCheck in
JetSmartCheck in
JetStarCheck in
JettimeCheck in
Jin AirCheck in
JonairCheck in
JoonCheck in
Juneyao AirlinesCheck in
KAM AirCheck in
KD AviaCheck in
Kenmore AirCheck in
Kenya AirwaysCheck in
KLM AirlinesCheck in
Korean AirCheck in
Kuwait AirwaysCheck in
L'odysseyCheck in
La CompagnieCheck in
LacsaCheck in
LAM MozambiqueCheck in
LAN ColombiaCheck in
Lanmei AirlinesCheck in
Lao AirlinesCheck in
Lao SkywayCheck in
LATAM AirlinesCheck in
LEVEL AirlinesCheck in
Libyan WingsCheck in
Link AirwaysCheck in
Lion AirlinesCheck in
LoganairCheck in
Lucky AirCheck in
Luebeck AirCheck in
LufthansaCheck in
LumiwingsCheck in
LuxairCheck in
Mandarin AirlinesCheck in
MangoCheck in
Mann Yadanarpon AirlinesCheck in
Manta AirCheck in
Mauritanian AirlinesCheck in
Mesa AirlinesCheck in
Middle East AirlinesCheck in
Mokulele AirlinesCheck in
Myanmar Airways InternationalCheck in
Myanmar National AirlinesCheck in
Nauru AirlinesCheck in
Nile AirCheck in
NordicaCheck in
Nordstar AirlinesCheck in
Norse Atlantic AirwaysCheck in
NorwegianCheck in
Nouvelair TunisieCheck in
NovaturasCheck in
Olympic AirCheck in
Oman AirCheck in
OriginairCheck in
Pacific AirlinesCheck in
PAL ExpressCheck in
Pascan AviationCheck in
Passaredo Check in
PassionAirCheck in
Peach AviationCheck in
Pelican AirlinesCheck in
Philippine AirlinesCheck in
PLAYCheck in
Plus Ultra Lineas AereasCheck in
PNG AirCheck in
Pobeda AirlinesCheck in
Porter AirlinesCheck in
PortugaliaCheck in
Premier AirlinesCheck in
Proflight Zambia Check in
QantasCheck in
Qazaq AirCheck in
Red WingsCheck in
Regional Air ServicesCheck in
REX-Regional ExpressCheck in
Rossiya & PulkovoCheck in
Royal JordanianCheck in
RusLineCheck in
RwandAirCheck in
RyanairCheck in
S7 AirlinesCheck in
SASCheck in
SatenaCheck in
SaudiaCheck in
Scandinavian Airlines SASCheck in
ScootCheck in
Seaborne AirlinesCheck in
Severstal AircompanyCheck in
Shandong AirlinesCheck in
Shanghai AirlinesCheck in
Shree AirlinesCheck in
Silver AirCheck in
Singapore AirlinesCheck in
Sky AirlineCheck in
Sky Alps AirlineCheck in
Sky Angkor AirlinesCheck in
Sky MaliCheck in
Smartlynx AirlinesCheck in
SmartWingsCheck in
Solomon AirlinesCheck in
Somon AirCheck in
Southwest AirlinesCheck in
SpiceJetCheck in
Spirit AirlinesCheck in
Spring AirlinesCheck in
Sri Lankan AirlinesCheck in
Star AirCheck in
Starlux AirlinesCheck in
Sun Country AirlinesCheck in
SundairCheck in
SunExpressCheck in
Sunwing AirlinesCheck in
Super Air JetCheck in
Susi AirCheck in
Swiss Global Air LinesCheck in
TAAG Angola AirlinesCheck in
TacaCheck in
TAG AirlinesCheck in
Tara AirCheck in
TaromCheck in
Thai AirwaysCheck in
Thai Lion AirCheck in
Tigerair TaiwanCheck in
Tradewind AviationCheck in
TransaviaCheck in
TransNusa Air ServiceCheck in
Tropic Ocean AirwaysCheck in
Tui AirwaysCheck in
Tui FlyCheck in
Tunisair ExpressCheck in
Turkish AirlinesCheck in
Turkmenistan AirlinesCheck in
Tus AirwaysCheck in
Tway AirlinesCheck in
Twin JetCheck in
Uep!FlyCheck in
Ukraine International AirlinesCheck in
United AirlinesCheck in
United NigeriaCheck in
Ural AirlinesCheck in
UTairCheck in
Uzbekistan AirwaysCheck in
ValueJetCheck in
Vieques Air LinkCheck in
VietJet AirCheck in
Vietnam AirlinesCheck in
Vietravel AirlinesCheck in
VipperCheck in
Virgin Atlantic Check in
VolarisCheck in
VoloteaCheck in
VRG Linhas AereasCheck in
VuelingCheck in
Wasaya AirwaysCheck in
WestJetCheck in
WideroeCheck in
Winair Check in
WingoCheck in
Wizz AirCheck in
World2FlyCheck in
WOW AirCheck in
Yakutia AirlinesCheck in
Yamal AirlinesCheck in
YanAirCheck in
Yesmin ToursCheck in

Online Check-In – Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

While online check-in is generally a smooth process, some common issues may arise. Here are a few potential problems and troubleshooting tips to help resolve them:

Website or App Issues

Sometimes, technical glitches or high traffic can cause the airline’s website or app to be slow or unresponsive. If you’re experiencing difficulties, try clearing your browser cache, using a different browser, or switching between the website and app. If the issue persists, wait a while and try again later.

Incorrect Booking Details

If you’re unable to locate your booking during the online check-in process, double-check your booking reference number and last name for any errors. Ensure you’re using the same information provided during the booking process.

Ineligible for Online Check-in

Certain passengers, such as unaccompanied minors, passengers with special assistance needs, or those traveling on specific fare types, may not be eligible for online check-in. In such cases, you’ll need to check in at the airport counter.

Passport or Visa Issues

If the system doesn’t accept your passport or visa information, verify that you’ve entered the details correctly. Ensure your travel documents are valid and up-to-date. If you’re still experiencing issues, contact the airline for assistance.

Seat Selection Problems

If you’re unable to select your preferred seat, it may be due to limited availability or the airline’s seat allocation policy. In this case, try choosing an alternative seat or check in at the airport counter, where the staff may be able to assist with seat assignments.

Boarding Pass Issues

If you’re unable to access or print your boarding pass after completing online check-in, try using a different device or browser. If the problem persists, contact the airline for assistance or obtain your boarding pass at the airport kiosk or check-in counter.

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