How Do I Contact Neteller Customer Support?

The Customer Support team at Neteller provides its customers with help and answers to their queries.

By visiting, you will find a support section in the tabs at the top.

By going onto this, it will provide you with topics, where you can find frequently asked questions.

The popular topics cover your account, payments, security and prepaid cards. By going into each of these sections, you will find more topics relating to them.

For example, under the accounts section, there is another header for passwords etc. From this, you will find a big variety of frequently asked questions where you should be able to find the answers to your questions.

Along with this section, you will have the option to search for questions as well, making it easier to find the question and answer that you need.

As this help section covers such a wide variety of topics and queries, you are likely to find the answer to your questions or problems that you are experiencing.

However, this option doesn’t actually give you contact with the Customer Support team directly.

If you’re wanting to get in direct contact with the Neteller Customer Support team then you can find their email address, via Twitter, which is [email protected].

On the Neteller Twitter, you can find a lot of people asking questions that are sent to their Twitter account. In reply to these, they advise everyone to email their help email address, where the Customer Support team will contact them.

As well as the email method to contact the Neteller Customer Support team, there is also a contact section on the Neteller website.

On here, it provides you with a contact number, that is only available between certain hours and also the option to fill out a form and be contacted that way.

The Neteller customer support phone number is +442033089525 (a UK number), and support is available between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday GMT.

By calling them, this will take you through to the Customer Support team and be able to talk to someone directly, who can help you out.

If you’re wanting to talk to someone quicker and use a simple method, then you can also contact the Customer Support team, by filling out a form on this page.

This includes inputting your email address, name, question and category it relates to. This will then send the Customer Support team your email and they will contact you this way, to help with your question or problem.

So, the Neteller Customer Support team have the option to email, phone or fill out a form to be able to contact them, to help you out.

They’re all quick and easy to use and as well as this, they have a frequently asked questions page, that may answer some questions you have.