Examples of Companies That Provide Excellent Customer Service

When establishing a reputable business, everything asks for attention. Within that flood, prioritizing customer service should be the primary goal of the company. Now, every company knows the significance of customer service, but very few are aware of the importance of prioritizing it.

85% of customers tend to be loyal to a brand that delivers consistent, exceptional service. But how can a company achieve that? By merely shifting a reactive approach to a proactive approach. You need to align your service to a route where customer’s both explicit and implicit demands are fulfilled.

Let’s have a look at some companies that have mastered the art of customer service:


Amazon has smoothly distinguished itself from its competitors by representing itself as more significant than just a retail store. The incentive set up in an Amazon employees’ mind is to listen, and most importantly, understand the customer. As a result, its deliveries are much faster than expected while other online retailers scramble to keep up.

Amazon provides products in a wide variety of categories people can buy anything from. It also allocates detailed yet easy-to-navigate help centers that aids in finding solutions to a number of their customer issues. Another advantage of using Amazon is the mayday service it offers.

As a customer-centric company, Amazon puts a premium on customer service and makes every purchase from their company easy to return and cancel. It hardly ever questions a customer who wishes to return an item or cancel their service because they know their customers know what’s best for them.


JetBlue’s customer service tale is pretty remarkable, considering how they take a proactive approach to help their customers have a safe yet fun journey with their airline. They believe in the magic of doing little things for their customers to make them feel valued and cared for.

Services like free luggage, cheap cancellation and change fees, and in-flight entertainment accompanied by complimentary snacks are among the few reasons people choose to fly with JetBlue Airlines. Not to mention, the kind and spontaneous crew members on board make sure the passengers have a memorable experience on their flight.

Travelers love interacting with the crew; in fact, you can tweet anything at JetBlue and expect a reply in a couple of minutes. Take the customer who randomly tweeted to the airline about how he can’t grab a Starbucks since he had to catch his flight on time; well, guess what, when he took his seat on the plane, a crew member handed him a Starbucks coffee!


Another company that delivers phenomenal customer service is Zappos. The secret behind its excellent service is its hard-working agents who have one simple goal: to deliver customer happiness.

Zappos responds to every email it receives. The prime thing about being served at Zappos is the trust and the personalization factor. Most of the time, specific policies and procedures are set up, so the person behind the phone can’t do anything but follow the guidelines. On the contrary, Zappos gives free will to its work agents to find the right solution for the customer.


International Business Machines Corporation designs and produces personal computers and offers cloud services, AI tools, business analytics, and so much more. The company is now transitioning from being an infrastructure player to one that’s more cloud and data-driven.

The best thing about IBM is that it’s accessible online for free in a time where most people still try to monetize their content. Moreover, they provide video trailers for every issue’s content, which is beneficial for those customers who prefer content that’s not in a written format.

IBM has also created a team of experts for the customers, especially new ones, to help them affiliate the cloud storage into their existing processes. They guide customers by showing them the best applications of the tool depending on their particular industry.


Uber is probably the best illustration of a company prioritizing its customer service. It observed and analyzed all the pain points an individual faces when opting for cab transportations and eliminated them one by one.

With the advent of Uber, one doesn’t have to reach a particular destination to catch a cab. In addition to this, it ensures the passenger’s safety by accessing the user’s location to anyone the user wishes to share with. Also, Uber allows credit card payment for those who don’t carry cash with them. Apart from this, the app has also enabled ratings for users and drivers to ensure services are meeting their customer’s expectations.


Apple has been at or near the top of customer satisfaction ratings for many, many years. They provide the tools necessary to fulfill their customer’s needs.  Apple provides a 1-year warranty on all of its gadgets and offers to repair or replace them for free if they malfunction during the warranty period. This is also an advantage to anxious customers who doubt that an expensive and unique product ensures quality functioning.

The company goes the extra mile to design its product for the customers. If you google “Apple attention to details,” you’ll be surprised to find tons of articles regarding its frantic obsession with details. Not to mention the special packing that comes as a bonus with your Apple gadget.

A simple Google search is enough to find out that many Apple customers are pleased with the exceptional Apple service. Clearly, Apple hasn’t only paved its way through the technological world but has also made space in their customer’s hearts.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the human element is what helps a company gain the wow factor from its customers. From Amazon’s fast delivery and customer-obsession motto to Apple’s 1-year warranty service, all of them align themselves to follow a single direction, i.e. to understand their customers.

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