Changing or Canceling Airbnb Reservations – Coronavirus

Airbnb is one of the world’s largest online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays.

Airbnb’s reservations come with one of six cancellation policies, which are set by the host, and range from flexible to super strict.

But now, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and growing travel restrictions across the world, Airbnb putting to action its extenuating circumstances policy, which defines different rules and terms for reservations cancellation.

Customers can find the relevant cancellation policy for their trip in the “Trips” section of the Airbnb website or app, by selecting the relevant reservation and ‘Show details’, and scrolling down to find their cancellation details.

Airbnb customers traveling to or from a region where there are active travel restrictions may be eligible for a full refund through the firm’s extenuating circumstances policy.

According to the updated policy, all reservations made before March 14th, with check-in dates from March 14th through April 14th, qualify for penalty-free cancellations.

The cancellation can be done by both the hosts and the guests.

For more details – please check Airbnb’s updated extenuating circumstances policy.

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