Methods to Improve Customer Experience in Travel Agencies

To improve the customer experience of a travel agency, it is good to take into account three fundamental concepts: personalization, digitization and care of the after-sales service.

In the next paragraphs we analyze each of these aspects in detail, in order to understand how they can affect customer experience, specifically in the travel sector.

Customer Experience Personalization

Personalization is one of the main disciplines in the process of creating better customer experience in a travel agency, and it can be achieved through a variety of ways:

For example – a dedicated operator can provide the customer with personal assistance along the entire route from the planning phase until the days following the return home.

In addition to this, it is possible to include in the standard travel packages, unique and unforgettable experiences that reflect the taste of the customer and give him an exclusive feeling.

Digitizing the travel agency

In recent years, the travel sector has undergone a rapid digitization process, but many travel agencies have remained one of the last bastions of the vis-à-vis relationship with the customer.

Despite this, in order to improve the customer experience it is crucial to combine this irreplaceable aspect of human contact with a certain degree of digitization.

A successful digitization process can broaden the horizons of the agency’s business and offer the customer the opportunity to get in touch with it and discover its offers in multiple ways.

The concept of travel agencies digitization needs to be based on a multichannel approach.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Informality

Touching the theme of the digitalization of the customer experience, one cannot fail to mention the chatbots that have spread in recent times.

The artificial intelligence that drives chatbots is advocated by those who claim that it is much more efficient than classic customer support and that it offers advantages both in terms of speed of response.

On the other side, a different current of thought opposes chatbots, considering them as impersonal and basic tools that are unable to grasp the real needs of customers and are unable to solve more complex problems.

In any case, it is essential to give a unique imprint to the travel agency’s service and make it as close as possible to your idea of customer relationship.

Importance of after sales

Once the travel package has been sold, the work of a travel agency is not finished at all – you have to deal with the after-sales service.

Calling a customer a few days after he returns home from his trip is an act of courtesy that makes one feel how important his experience is.

In an after sale call it is advised to ask for feedback and suggestions for improving the agency’s service.

This is an excellent way to improve the image of your agency and to retain a customer for the long run.

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