How to Find a Job in Customer Service

Customer service jobs are on high demand, offering different career paths and opportunities. 

We have compiled here a short guide on how to find a job as a customer service representative.

What does a customer service agent do?

The first thing to do before finding a job in customer support is to understand what we are talking about when we use these terms. 

A customer service employee deals with activities that involve a relationship with the customer – mostly technical or administrative support. 

Having said that, the areas of work that may require such a person are different and the characteristics of the customer service representative will not always be the same.

Customer service – Leading areas

Customer service is everywhere – from small businesses to retail giants and even government offices and agencies – everywhere there are customers – there is usually customer service as well.

Clinics and medical practices are among the leading areas that seek customer service reps. 

In this field, customer service agents will usually have to devote themselves to welcoming the patient, managing telephone calls and appointments, follow-ups and purely informative practices. 

Another example are online businesses, such as e-commerce, fashion or personal care products. 

Retail customer service representatives will provide support to online customers – both technical and shopping related.

 Among the most frequent issues may be those relating to the delivery of the goods or the policy of returning an item.

On the large sales platforms, such as eBay, amazon and AliExpress, assistance can also be provided to the sellers on the platform.

Sellers support is regarded to be more challenging, and requires support representatives to be familiar with the operation of the site and its rules. 

In most cases, specific service courses are provided, preparatory for carrying out the profession of a customer service employee.

How to apply as a customer service employee?

The best way to find work as a customer assistant is, of course, to offer yourself. But how and where? 

The first step is usually a simple google search which often results with many opportunities.

In case you are interested in working in a specific company or niche, you can send an email with a cover letter and your CV to the HR department of your desired companies. 

The most important thing, especially if you do not have particular experience in the sector, will be to provide excellent motivation for seeking a job in customer service.

Sincerity and perseverance also pay off in this sector, so you will see that by constantly searching and proposing yourself to the right companies you will be able to get a job as a customer service employee pretty fast.

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