How Do I Contact Trulia Customer Support?

Customer Support teams are coming more common within businesses, to be there to provide support to their customers.

It can be frustrating when something isn’t working or you have a question and not being able to contact someone easily, to help out and assist you with it.

So, this is where Customer Support teams come in and help their customers out with problems and queries.

At Trulia, they offer email addresses for their Customer Support team, so you are able to contact them that way.

Emailing can often be a lot easier, as for those that are busy, you don’t want to spend ages waiting for someone on the phone and may be able to get help quicker.

Emails are super quick and easy to use, which is why they are becoming more popular to use this contact method.

As well as this, you also have a copy of the emails, so if you were to come across the issue again, you can look back at this record to help you out.

Trulia Customer Service – Email

The Customer Support email for Trulia is [email protected], which can be found via their website.

Trulia Customer Service – Website

The Trulia website has a useful help center, that offers a variety of topics relating to their services.

The topics include mortgages, real estate professionals, rentals, mobile apps, buyers, seller and homeowners and housing notice.

The website allows you to click onto these topics and it will then display things that relate to that topic. Each one is different, but some of them cover frequently asked questions, how to report a complaint and articles.

You may find that by using this help section and having a look through the frequently asked questions, that you will be able to find the answer that you need.

With each section, they give a detailed answer, along with diagrams and photos, to be able to help you with the query.

However, if this doesn’t help and you have more questions in relation to their services, whether it is a query or problem you are experiencing, there is an option to submit a request.

This can be used, if you have a question or query that hasn’t been answered, via their help section.

By going through this option, you simply just enter your contact details, a subject and description of what you’re needing help with and the option to upload attachments.

If you plan to use this, it’s important to provide as much information as possible, so the Customer Support team are able to help you, first time.

By submitting this request, the Customer Support team at Trulia will then be in contact with you, as soon as possible, to help you out.


So, it’s not the easiest to get in contact with the Customer Support team at Trulia, as there isn’t many options for direct contact.

They do have an email address that can be used to submit any questions and a member of their Customer Support team, will be in contact with you via email.

This is often an easy and straight forward option, to get answers, quickly.

As well as this, there are help pages on the Trulia website, that answer frequently asked questions and also the option to submit a request to the Customer Support team.

These are the options available for contacting the Customer Support team at Trulia, as well as options to help find a solution, yourself.