How to Contact Customer Service

Though the site primarily offers US dollars for payments, is actually a Dutch online travel agency that primarily offers hotel bookings and comparison, together with other travel products such as flights, attractions, and car rentals.

History of

Geert-Jan Bruinsma started in 1996 then it was later changed to when Bruinsma merged with Bookings Online in 2000, the company that operates Five years later, it was acquired by the Priceline Group which is now known as Booking Holdings.

The same parent company bought Active Hotels Limited which was cooperated with, that later on changed its official name to Limited. The acquisition was able to make more profitable than ever, that even some praised it as the ‘best acquisition in the Internet history’. made partnerships and advertising to different travel agencies and marketing platforms through the years. The site was said to have over 28 million listings, available in over 40 languages, and has served customers globally. Its headquarters are still in Amsterdam, Netherlands having Glenn Fogel as its current CEO as of writing.

How to Contact Customer Service through Phone has different phone numbers depending on the country you are in and the booking you did on the platform. The number to dial can only be accessed if the customer made a booking as the option will only appear after logging in.

In order to see the contact detail or to dial the number for support in your language, click on the upper right side of the page where the account name and the Genius level are showing. Click on the ‘Bookings’ link, then choose the property you have booked. Under the photos that are on the left side of the page, scroll to see the ‘Need help?’ section, then click on ‘Contact Customer Service’.

The page will be then directed to the Help Center, then go to the end of the web page and click on the link that says ‘More option’.On the new window, click on ‘Something else’.

Once directed to a new page, click again on ‘More Options’ and choose the ‘Call Customer Service’ link. It will provide the international number to dial, the confirmation number, and the PIN you have to provide with the IVR system.

Please be reminded that only inquiries with will be entertained. If there are any questions with the property, it is recommended to call the property directly.

How to Contact Customer Service through Live Chat

Accessing the live chat will have the same process as getting the phone number to call. In the last window, instead of clicking on ‘Call Customer Service’, choose ‘Live chat with Customer Service’. A new page will open that will start the live chat session. An option to leave a message is also available by clicking on the ‘Message the Customer Service’ link.

How to Contact Customer Service through Social Media

The online hotel comparison site can also be reached through their social media accounts. The links below are verified with the blue checkmark to avoid being confused with fake accounts.




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