The Best Sites and Online Resources on Customer Service

There is an infinite number of useful websites and resources about the world of customer service.

These resources include specialized sites, PDF books and articles, podcasts, audio books, webinars, and informative videos.

We offer here some of the best sites and resources on customer service, featuring a great body of knowledge and inspiration.

Websites on customer service

On this list you will find the best sites dedicated to customer service:

  • Customer Service Basics: An excellent site where you can learn what the pillars of customer support are and how to offer a quality service starting from the basics.
  • The Resource Center: Site where to find a series of useful resources for all those who work or want to work in this sector, in particular in the help desks and call centers.
  • CSM The Magazine for Customer Service Managers & Professionals: An online collection of articles regarding customer service, a real magazine dedicated to customer service professionals, but also useful for those who appear for the first time in this world.
  • CCW Europe 2020: A week dedicated to the world of customer care that is held every year in a European city, the program and the application form are available on the internet.
  • The Customer Service Summit: A global summit covering the sector, which sees the presence of all the top customer service experts in the world in San Diego. The official website provides the information necessary for participation and to know the topics covered as well as a series of other useful resources to find out more about this world.

Free courses on Customer Service

There is no shortage of free online courses about customer service with useful techniques and tips. 

Among the most complete courses in this regard we find the LinkedIn course with a long series of useful lessons dedicated to specific topics and situations or those of MOOCs.

Other great resources can be found on sites such as edX and Coursera that collect free courses offered by universities or institutions of equal rank. 

Searching in these site’s catalogs can help you find lessons on customer support or tools that are used to improve it such as chatbots.

At the moment, edX has a better course catalog on the customer service sector.

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