Skills of a Great Customer Service Representative

Customer service is a unique practice, that requires a versatile skills set.

In this list you will find the main skills and characteristics requires for most good customer service representatives.

Customer Facing Skills

When working with customers, some characteristics can help achieve better results:

1. Be calm: Being able to remain calm and patience in any situation, even towards customers who are a little more particular or difficult to please.

2. Listen: The ability to listen is also a quality particularly appreciated by customers. Understanding the needs of each customer, will lead to the best resolution of a possible problem or conflict.

3. Creativity and problem solving: The ability to find the right solution for each customer, sometimes requires creativity and an understanding of the motives that drive people.

Skills Within the Organization

A good customer service representative should be able to demonstrate communication skills not only with customers, but within the organization as well.

Being clear, assertive, honest, team player and friendly are some of the characters of a good employee – in particular in customer service.

Other Fundamental Customer Service Skills

It takes time to become a real expert in a certain field, and customer service is no different. 

Always observe carefully the behavior of experienced colleagues, seek for good mentors, and try different strategies and technics in order to find the right ones for you.

Pay attention to body language, as well as to verbal communication skills. Being welcomed with a secure handshake can certainly be the first step towards an optimal relationship with your client.

Another thing you need to pay special attention to is knowing how to keep the promises you make – to customers, colleagues and managers.

And last thing – try to be helpful to inexperienced customer service representatives – teaching a skill can sometimes help the teacher improve significantly, and above all – it is basic human kindness.

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