How Do I Contact AliExpress Customer Support?

Most companies have a Customer Support team, available to help their customers with any problems, queries and issues that they might be experiencing.

Some offer better Customer Support methods than others, whereas some, only have limited ways to contact their team.

AliExpress have a few different contact methods available, for those needing the Customer Support team.

It can be quite hard to find the contact information for the Customer Support team at AliExpress, but if you keep reading, you’ll be able to find out exactly what to do, to get these details.

By visiting the AliExpress website, you are able to navigate to a help section.

This can be done by going to the tab at the top of the page, hovering over the ‘Help’ tab and selecting ‘Customer Service’.

Then you can search for questions that have been asked by customers.

You will find a lot of the common frequently asked questions which include how to track your package, how to cancel an order, what to do if you don’t receive your order, return information and many more.

By looking through this section, which you can also search the frequently asked questions page, so hopefully, you can find an answer to your question, this way.

As well as this, they also have a self-service tool on this page.

This tool offers things such as managing orders, refunds and disputes, changing email address and passwords and card and bank accounts etc.

These are just a few of the sections that can be found here and it can be used to resolve issues yourself. By using this self-service method, you are able to find a solution to the problems you might be having, if they are covered in this section.

So, even though this isn’t a method of contacting the Customer Support team, it is a way that you can try to resolve the issue yourself, meaning you then won’t need to talk to the Customer Support team at AliExpress.

Further on down on this help page, they also have a section that covers a variety of topics and questions, providing you with answers.

Some of the topics it covers include shipment, refunds, account, ordering and promotion.

Under each of these topics, you will find questions and answers that relate to them. So once again, this doesn’t give you direct contact to the Customer Support team, but may be able to provide you with answers to your problems.

Finally, there is an option at the very bottom of this page, to either use their online service or leave feedback via a survey.

By using the online service option, this will take you through to an online chat, where you can talk to someone about the problem you have. By using this option, you may be able to get an answer, quicker.

So, it can be hard to contact the Customer Support team at AliExpress, as there is no direct number or email address, to contact them.

However, they do offer a wide range of frequently asked questions and self-service section, where you can have a look at questions that are often asked and find an answer this way.

As well as this, they do have an online support where you can talk to someone via a chat and try to find a solution through this method.

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