How Can I Contact Brex Customer Service?

Brex focuses on providing customers with credit cards, bank accounts, payments, expenses, and accounting all in one place.

Why? It’s simple: Brex knows how valuable their customers’ time is, so they want to make sure that they make the best out of it.

Customers’ accounts and finances shouldn’t be confusing or overly time-consuming.

That’s why Brex is here: they put a single customer’s information into one logical platform that is easy to use and that saves them tons of time.

From offering built-in integrations to interesting perks with their various partners, Brex is the best option for customers if they are trying to save time.

The company prides itself on providing customers with state-of-the-art customer service.

This is because the company knows how important quality is and therefore understands that they trust them with their valuable time and data.

Therefore, the team has made it clear that they are here to help whenever customers need them.

To ensure that Brex can provide customers with the right kind of help, customers should make sure that they contact them using the right channel.

For customer support, Brex has a special phone line to offer support.

This line is available from 5 AM to 12 AM on weekdays and holidays. The line is also available from 5 AM to 10 PM on weekends. To reach Brex, simply call (833) 228-2044.

Customers can also try contacting Brex on their social media account: FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or Twitter.

And of course, Brex has a live chat.