Helpful Customer Support Tips for Graphic Designers

Many Graphic designers find it challenging to work with customers and provide good customer service.

But even great graphic designers need, in the end, to deal with customers, and provide adequate service.

Here are some guidelines and tips designed to make this a bit easier.

Keep it simple

Make your price proposal format simple to understand, with clear milestones, goals, and pricing methods.

Do not use highly technical phrases, and try to see things through the eyes of the customer.

Align expectations

Make the final outputs of your work known before you begin working, and make sure that the customer’s expectations are aligned with yours.

Significant gaps in expectations can often result in an unsatisfied customer.

Be available without disturbing your work

No one likes to be interrupted during his work, but on creative tasks this could be even more significant.

Design contact methods that will make you highly available to the customer, while letting you stay focused on your work. 

Ask customers to contact you by email rather than by the phone, or set scheduled daily windows in which customers can reach you.

Define the number of iterations beforehand

Some customers will keep you fixing and upgrading designs practically forever.

Define the number of iterations that are included in your price offer, and charge for any extra iterations that are initiated by the customer.

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