Creative Customer Service Ideas for Hotels Managers

Customer service has always been in the center of hotels management, and these days it has become an experts game.

Hotel managers and stuff have to try to predict the guests’ needs, and compete with high standards from all across the board – from big hotel chains to the private Airbnb host.

So how do you create an unforgettable experience for your guests? We have gathered here a few creative ideas that can help you achieve this task.

Families with young children

When guests are visiting with young kids, try to make their stay a bit easier and more comfortable. 

Parents will usually appreciate a high chair available in the dining room with some toys that can distract the child while the adults enjoy their lunch or dinner.

For older children you can provide a variety of nice games at hand that will catch their attention, prepare coloring prints, or other attractions in order to give mom and dad a break. 

Another excellent idea is to have a play corner in plain sight, so that they are always under the supervision of parents, even while enjoying a cocktail at the bar.

Travelers with pets

More and more often we host people who want to spend their holidays in the company of their four-legged friends. 

The thought of leaving them at home does not completely relax them and therefore taking them with them has become a priority. 

Precisely for this reason one must be ready not only to satisfy the guest, but also his precious furry!

A good practice would therefore be to always keep bowls for water in a corner of the atrium or even outside the hotel and a “relaxation” area with comfortable sofas where dogs can lie down for a while. 

A really nice thought would also be to find on the arrival of the guest a snack particularly appreciated by the animal or a free pack of his favorite food.

Honeymoon couples

One of the unforgettable moments of any young couple is that of the honeymoon. 

This raises some the expectations bar significantly, and hotel owners should pay special attention to the details.

Paying particular attention to the couple’s needs and even spoiling them a little, will ensure a couple of future customers who will return to relive those magical moments again and again.

To make this moment truly special, for example, you could make them find a gift box with a voucher for a wellness treatment, together with a couple of delicious chocolates.

You could also make them find a small bottle of champagne on the bedside table with two flute glasses to make one of the many toasts that will take place throughout their lives.