The Best Sites and Online Resources on Customer Service

best websites customer service

There is an infinite number of useful websites and resources about the world of customer service. These resources include specialized sites, PDF books and articles, podcasts, audio books, webinars, and informative videos. We offer here some of the best sites and resources on customer service, featuring a great body of knowledge and inspiration. Websites on … Read more

How to Find a Job in Customer Service

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Customer service jobs are on high demand, offering different career paths and opportunities.  We have compiled here a short guide on how to find a job as a customer service representative. What does a customer service agent do? The first thing to do before finding a job in customer support is to understand what we … Read more

Methods to Improve Customer Experience in Travel Agencies

Improving Customer Experience in Travel Agencies

To improve the customer experience of a travel agency, it is good to take into account three fundamental concepts: personalization, digitization and care of the after-sales service. In the next paragraphs we analyze each of these aspects in detail, in order to understand how they can affect customer experience, specifically in the travel sector. Customer … Read more

How to Change or Cancel Flights Because of Coronavirus

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The airline industry is in a crisis-mode among government-imposed travel restrictions and travelers’ concerns regarding the coronavirus. This is the greatest airline and travel downturn since 9/11, with a sharp reduction in travel demand across the world. Many passengers are trying to change or cancel their flight reservations, facing unclear cancellation policies of both airlines, … Read more

The Best Time To Call Customer Service

best time to call customer service

A recent study by Zendesk, customer service and sales CRM software provider, gives an interesting insight into the best times to contact customer service centers. Best days to call customer service The first and last days of the week are usually the busiest days in call centers and should be avoided if possible. Tuesday, Wednesday … Read more