Helpful Customer Support Tips for Graphic Designers

graphic design customer service

Many Graphic designers find it challenging to work with customers and provide good customer service. But even great graphic designers need, in the end, to deal with customers, and provide adequate service. Here are some guidelines and tips designed to make this a bit easier. Keep it simple Make your price proposal format simple to … Read more

Skills of a Great Customer Service Representative

customer service rep skills

Customer service is a unique practice, that requires a versatile skills set. In this list you will find the main skills and characteristics requires for most good customer service representatives. Customer Facing Skills When working with customers, some characteristics can help achieve better results: 1. Be calm: Being able to remain calm and patience in any … Read more

Tips for Being a Good Cashier

tips for cashier

Working as a cashier requires constant contact with people and at the same time – playing a role with speed and diligence.  Cashier jobs may seem obvious and simple, but in reality, as with everything, there is a big difference from simply performing your duties to an excellent (and rewarding!) way of operating.  Here are … Read more

How to Provide Good Customer Service Over the Phone?

phone customer service

Being able to provide remote assistance can certainly have many financial advantages, but it can also be quite challenging. Providing customer service over the phone can sometimes be an obstacle to forming a good relationship with the customer.  However, there are a few things you can do to make your support as good as it … Read more

Tips for Providing Good Customer Service During a Crisis

Customer Service During a Crisis

Providing good customer service during a crisis is not easy. Customers get more emotional and stressed for all the obvious reasons, and it can often get amplified when dealing with customer or money related issues. We have compiled here some tips to help you and your company provide better customer service even on turbulent times like … Read more

10 Best Free Online Customer Service Courses

online courses

The internet is a treasure chest where you can find some very useful resources for upgrading your skills and knowledge and improving your chances to find a great job in the future. Some of these resources are paid, others are available to all free of charge. We have gathered here the 10 best free online … Read more

Examples for Great Customer Service in Retail

retail customer service examples

In recent years, small retailers have experienced a drop in sales, in favor of the rise of large retailers.  More and more people are attracted by the offers and great availability of products of the big chain stores and online e-commerce giants. However, there are some strategies that small retailers could still undertake to regain … Read more

Effective Ideas for Customer Service in Banks

banks customer service

Those who frequently need to contact a bank or a credit institution to carry out operations that cannot necessarily be done online, must find a welcoming, comfortable environment that shows the customer a positive and proactive attitude towards him. Competition is also widespread in the banking world and you must be able to always give … Read more

Creative Customer Service Ideas for Hotels Managers

hotels customer service ideas

Customer service has always been in the center of hotels management, and these days it has become an experts game. Hotel managers and stuff have to try to predict the guests’ needs, and compete with high standards from all across the board – from big hotel chains to the private Airbnb host. So how do … Read more

What is Customer Service and Why is it Important?

Customer service 1

Customer Service – Definition Customer service is all the support that a company or a business offers its customers, both before and after they purchase its products or services. Customer service can be done in a variety of ways – by phone, email, website, social media accounts and more. In large companies, there is a … Read more

8 Tips For Getting Better Customer Service

tips for getting better customer service

Getting useful customer service can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating. Here are 8 tips for getting better and faster customer service: 1. When Available – Use Self Service Using self-service zones, which provide answers for most of the common issues customers are facing daily, can help you solve your issue, without wasting your time on … Read more