10 Best Free Online Customer Service Courses

The internet is a treasure chest where you can find some very useful resources for upgrading your skills and knowledge and improving your chances to find a great job in the future.

Some of these resources are paid, others are available to all free of charge.

We have gathered here the 10 best free online courses on customer service. All the courses in this list are in English, and offer the opportunity to discover the basics of customer service as well as new techniques for advanced customer care specialists and managers. 

Customer Service Training (Alison)

This is a short and very useful introductory course for those who are making their first steps in customer service and customer care.

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Certificate in Principles of Customer Service (The Skills Network)

Certificate in Principles of Customer Service‘ teaches the basics concepts of customer service. This is a complete online course that offers a final certificate of participation.

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Phone-Based Customer Service (LinkedIn)

This course deals with the particular customer service techniques and best practices that can be implemented over the phone, and how to best develop them.

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Working with Upset Customers (LinkedIn)

This is one of the most followed courses on LinkedIn. ‘Working with Upset Customers‘ lists some of the best techniques for dealing with difficult or unsatisfied customers.

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AI Chatbots without Programming – IBM (edX)

AI Chatbots without Programming‘ is a specific course for those who would like to have a chatbot on their site and gain a higher level of interactivity and efficiency of their customer service function. 

This free English course is offered by IBM on the edX platform.

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Create Customer Support Data with Google Sheets (Coursera)

This course will show you how to use the free, widely available and powerful ‘Google Sheets’ in order to process customer data, and use it to improve customer support and service.

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Delivering Bad News to a Customer (LinkedIn)

One of the most difficult situations to face when working in customer support is to give bad news. 

This advanced course provides useful tools and methods for dealing and managing this challenging situation.

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Customer Relationship Management – IIMB (edX)

The Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore offers an interesting free course about the ways to best use CRM to improve relationships with customers and offer them cutting-edge assistance. 

The course is available both in English and Hindi.

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